Y90 Radioembolization of Liver Tumors (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) in Houston, TX

Y90 radioembolization is a minimally invasive treatment for liver tumors that cannot be treated effectively by surgery or chemotherapy.  While complete surgical removal of liver tumors often offers the best chance for a cure, the majority of liver tumors are inoperable by the time of diagnosis, for reasons such as larger tumor size or number, unfavorable location in the liver, or because the cancer has already spread outside the liver.  Additionally, major liver surgery comes with its own operative risks, and some patients may not be able to safely undergo surgery even with tumors that may otherwise be amenable to surgery.  As a result, surgical removal is not possible for more than two-thirds of primary liver cancer patients and 90 percent of patients with secondary (metastatic) liver cancer.

Y90 at Synergy Vascular and Interventional in Houston harnesses the liver’s unique vascular anatomy to treat these cancers originating in or spreading to the liver.  Liver tumors are supplied almost entirely by the hepatic arteries in the liver, while normal liver tissue is supplied mostly by the portal vein that provides nutrient-rich blood returning from the gut.  Targeted treatments can be applied via a small catheter directly to the cancer by navigating to it into arteries in the liver that supply it.  By injecting radiation-loaded microspheres into the tumor-supplying arteries, the radiation dose is selectively administered to the tumor cells, causing them to die and shrink, while minimizing the damage to surrounding normal healthy liver tissue.  Performed as a single-day outpatient procedure, this selective internal radiation is slowly delivered to the tumor over 10-14 days. Most patients experiencing minimal side effects, mild fatigue for 1-3 days being the most commonly reported effect.  Y90 radioembolization is a cutting edge, minimally-invasive option for treating unresectable liver cancer while helping improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

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Y90 Radioembolization in Houston - Synergy Vascular

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