The premise of vascular and interventional radiology is simple: Treat disease from the inside out, thereby minimizing the physical trauma to the patient. As a result, Synergy Vascular and Interventional’s non-surgical interventions may effectively treat disease while reducing pain, shortening recovery time, lowering infection rates and lowering the overall costs associated with open surgery and hospital stay.

Advances in technology and improvements in catheterization techniques allow targeted therapies to be delivered directly to the source of disease, guided by state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment—in real-time. Synergy’s interventional radiologists are among Houston’s most highly trained and experienced doctors at performing vascular and interventional procedures. Image-guided diagnosis and treatment is now available for every organ system within the body, and to treat many of today’s most common diseases.

Contact Synergy Vascular and Interventional today to learn more about your minimally invasive procedure options. Synergy Vascular and Interventional serves 10 outpatient centers in the greater Houston area including the communities of Pearland, Humble, Webster, Katy, Cypress, and The Woodlands, Texas. Call (713) 358-0600 to schedule your vascular and interventional procedure.

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