Embolization Techniques in The Greater Houston Area

Embolization techniques involve the delivery of clotting agents (coils, particles, gel, foam, glue etc.) directly to an area that is bleeding or to block blood flow to a problem area, such as an aneurysm or a fibroid tumor in the uterus. Embolizations performed by Synergy Vascular and Interventional’s highly-trained interventional radiologist can prevent major open surgeries. Small catheters and wires are guided under X-ray to perform these minimally invasive procedures. In this technique, our interventional radiologist inserts a very small balloon attached to a thin catheter into a blood vessel through a small nick in the skin. The catheter is threaded under X-ray guidance to the site of the blocked artery. The balloon is inflated to open the artery. Sometimes, a small metal scaffold, called a stent, is inserted to keep the blood vessel open.

Synergy Vascular and Interventional serves 10 hospital and outpatient imaging centers in the greater Houston area. SVI has locations in Houston, Pearland, Humble, Webster, Katy, Cypress and The Woodlands. Please visit our locations page or call (713) 621-7436 to schedule your embolization procedure.

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Embolization for blood clots - SVI in Houston

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