Needle Biopsy Procedures in Houston and Surrounding Areas

Needle biopsy is a procedure performed by Synergy Vascular and Interventional radiologists to identify the cause of a lump or mass, or other abnormal condition in the body. It has replaced the need for many open surgical biopsy procedures. During the procedure, our highly-trained and board-certified interventional radiologist inserts a small needle, guided by X-ray, CT or ultrasound into the abnormal area. A sample of tissue is removed and given to a pathologist who looks at it under a microscope to determine the nature of the abnormality — for example: cancer, a benign (non-cancerous) growth, infection or scar.

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Synergy Vascular and Interventional offers needle biopsy services at each of the 10 hospital and outpatient facilities we serve in the greater Houston area including the communities of Pearland, Humble, Webster, Katy, Cypress, and The Woodlands, Texas. Call  (713) 621-7436 to schedule your biopsy.

needle biopsy services in Houston - Synergy Vascular and Interventional

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