Central Venous Access Catheter in Houston, TX

A central venous access catheter (CVAC) is a long, thin tube that is inserted beneath your skin into a vein so there is a simple, pain-free way for doctors or nurses to draw your blood or give you medication or nutrients. It differs from a standard IV because it can remain in place for weeks or months. It’s especially beneficial for patients who receive treatments through the line several times a day eliminating the need for repeated needle sticks.
More than 3.4 million CVACs are placed each year, and doctors increasingly recommend their use. There are several types of CVACs, including tunneled catheters (Hickman or Broviac), peripherally inserted central catheters (also called PICC lines or long lines), dialysis catheters and implantable ports.
Doctors often recommend CVACs for patients who regularly have:

  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Infusions of antibiotics or other medications
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Hemodialysis

Read more about central vascular access procedures here.

Central venous catheters are a way to spare the patient from repeated needle pokes throughout the treatment. The CVCs are is safe and potentially life-saving. To learn more, please call Synergy Vascular Interventional at (713) 621-7436. We serve 10 hospitals in the greater Houston, TX area.  

Old man with central venous access catheter placed - Synergy Vascular of Houston

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