Varicocele Embolization (Spermatic Vein Embolization) in Houston, Texas

A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins within the male scrotum, a similar condition to varicose veins in the legs. It occurs when blood pools within the veins, causing them to enlarge. It can result in low sperm production and reduced sperm quality, which can cause infertility. It can also create a dull ache or pain in the scrotum.

This condition can be treated by the experts at Synergy Vascular and Interventional through a minimally invasive procedure called varicocele. During the procedure, a catheter is inserted into a blood vessel in the groin by one of our highly-trained interventional radiologists and is advanced to the site of the dilated veins. The abnormal vein is embolized (blocked from the inside) using vascular coils and sclerosant, reducing blood flow through the dilated scrotal veins and diverting blood flow to other, healthy veins. Eventually, the enlarged vein will shrink and disappear. Patients are able to leave the hospital within a few hours of the procedure, with minimal recovery time. The embolization procedure does not require any incisions at the scrotum, and outcomes are similar to or better than surgical varicocelectomy, usually with less downtime.

Read more about varicoceles and testicular vein embolization here.

Synergy Vascular and Interventional offers varicocele embolization services at each of the 10 hospital and outpatient facilities we serve in the greater Houston area. This includes the communities of Pearland, Humble, Webster, Katy, Cypress, and The Woodlands, Texas. Call (713) 621-7436 to schedule.

Varicocele embolization in Houston, TX by Synergy Vascular & Interventional

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